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 All the contents published in GulfSweets.Com is the sole property of GulfSweets.Com and you may not copy any of the content without prior permission from GulfSweets.Com.  You may seek written permission from GulfSweets.Com  if you  want to market, copy the contents, software, product list or provide link or integrate with your own website or third party you may do so with written permission from GulfSweets.Com, however GulfSweets.Com will not be responsible for such links or website pages and will be at your own risk as per the legal laws of Govt. Of Kuwait.

You (Website User/ App/ User / Consumer) need to agree the Terms and Conditions of GulfSweets.Com and register to avail our service to place your order. The terms and conditions is the same for any of the device such as Mobile/Laptop/Tabs/PC etc that you use to avail our service and place order. By registering with us it is understood that you have read, accepted and agreed all the terms and conditions of GulfSweets.Com. The terms and conditions are subject to change without any prior notice and you have to abide by our new terms and conditions while using our service. Registration process is very simple and you agree to provide your personal details at your own risk which must be correct and genuine in the case of contact number ,email and deliverfy address. In case your details are found to be not correct or genuine, it will affect the delivery of your order and GulfSweets.com has the rights to reject or stop you from using our service. Use of GulfSweets.com service is only to browse, select vendor, select product of your choice and make online payment to place order. It must not be used for any other purpose other than placing order. GulfSweets.com will not be responsible for loss of your personal information/data while availing our service in your personal device. If you are under 18 years of age at the time of registration or to use our service, you must seek the permission and guidance of your parents/guardians.

As a registered user, you agree that you will NOT use GulfSweets.Com service for any of the following :

1)Send/Post/Feedback/Upload/Circulate/Mail/Abuse/ Defame/Comment any personal, marketing, business, racial, religious, harmful, threatening, sentimental, immoral, adultery, unlawful messages which can harm any individual, any group of people, any community, any institute, any business, any corporate, any organization, Government, If you do so, GulfSweets.Com will not be responsible.

2) Will not disrupt the service of GulfSweets.Com by hacking, uploading virus, spyware, worms, phishing, pretexting, malicious code, Trojan, DoS Attack or any harmful tools or software etc to stop or breach the security of the GulfSweets.Com service, If you do so, GulfSweets.Com will not be responsible.

3) All the registered personal data available in GulfSweets.Com is for the purpose of business service by the GulfSweets.Com, hence you will not use the data of other person to harm, threaten, sell, circulate or defame etc, If you do so, GulfSweets.Com will not be responsible.

4) Product list Name, Description are Images are sole property of vendors registered with GulfSweets.Com, hence you will not copy or use any of the above information for your personal or commercial purpose. If you do so, GulfSweets.Com will not be responsible.

If any of the above is committed by you without the concern of GulfSweets, you will be at your own risk and subject to legal action as per the Govt. law of Kuwait.

Incorrect delivery address :The delivery attempt will be only once.

Recipient not available :The delivery attempt will be only once, the vendorr will follow the delivery instruction provided by you as per your order.

Premises locked :The delivery attempt will be only once, the vendor will follow the delivery instruction Date-Time provided by you as per your order. It is your responsibility to arrange for receiving the order. Alternatively you may inform the vendor to deliver the order to other designated person/ neighbor at your own discretion.

If the delivery is failure due to any of the above reason, no refunds, cancellations, liability can be made.  However vendor will surely try  to contact you before the delivery to confirm the Date-Time-Location.

GULFSWEETS accepts ONLINE payment Visa, Master, Debit Card OR Cash-ON-Delivery, however the payment method of the order depends on the vendors facility and payment terms. You must read the Terms of the vendorsr before placing the order.

You agree to pay the price applicable for the product or service on our website/ App at the time you submitted your order (Product Price), the Delivery Fees for the delivery service you select, if any applicable Taxes such as VAT (value added tax) in future by the government, you will be solely responsible for the payment of all additional charges.

All payments are non-refundable (except as expressly set forth in the Terms and Conditions).

Order delivery is totally subject to the payment confirmation in advance. Unless payment is confirmed 100%, the order will not be processed (OR) else the Payment method must be Cash-On-Delivery. As of COVID19 period, Cash-On-Delivery is not accepted for time of COVID19 period. 

Every Vendor has their own delivery policy and delivery date/time schedule. You must read and check the delivery policy of the Vendor you have selected before placing the order and you acknowledge that requested delivery date-time is non-binding with GulfSweets.com. 

GulfSweets.Com cannot be held responsible for the delay in delivery by the Vendor due to,  bad weather, road / traffic disruptions, unforeseen circumstances,  natural calamity such as heavy rains/ sand storms / curfews/ traffic jams/ festival times/regulated traffic movements or any other impediments that may restrict the delivery of the order, in such cases, the Vendor will ensure to contact you and update the new delivery schedule and you will have to check your  e-mails regularly for updates.

All Vendors sell the edible product which are perishable and hence Vendors will  attempt delivery of your order only once as per your order delivery date-time. In the event the delivery is not executed during the first attempt, no second attempt delivery will be possible and you may contact the Vendor to delivery again for which, Vendor may reject or accept with additional delivery charges. Alternately you also have the option to collect the order from the Vendor by visiting their location.

Refund is based on case-to-case subject to justification of the non-acceptance of the order and as per the Terms & Conditions of teh vendor.

Refund is not possible if the order  is cancelled after 15 minutes of placing the order.

Refund is not possible if the order  is changed after 15 minutes of placing the order.

The GulfSweets.Com and Vendor have the complete right to NOT refund the amount (OR) refund only the partial order value based on case-to-case subject to justification. However, in case of  incorrect or  defective products been delivered by the Vendor and if the Payment was done by Online then do contact GulfSweets.Com within 15 minutes of delivery with proof. You can contact HOTLINE 22270699 / 69399526  /r during working hours between 09:00 AM-05:30 PM, Saturday-Thursday or mail to [email protected] GulfSweets.Com will do its best to refund if cancellation reason is justified and accepted by vendors as per their terms & conditions.

In case Cash-On-Delivery and you must check if the ordered products are  incorrect or defective and accordingly you must contact to reject or cancel the order with Vendor. A full cancellations or partial cancellations is allowed as per the Vendor Terms & Conditions, hence you must read and agree the Terms & Conditions of the vendor before placing the order. Vendor also have the right to demand the payment for your order in case of full cancellations or partial cancellations and is based on case-to-case and subject to justification.

GulfSweets.Com is not responsible and does not guarantee refund for the reason where the order is delivered to incorrect address provided by the customer (OR) failure in delivery due to customer not being present at the time of delivery at the delivery address or the customer refusing to accept the delivery.

In the event that the Vendor is unable to deliver all or part of your order, the Vendor shall notify you as soon as possible and reimburse your payment in part/full and for such case you must contact GukfSweets.Com within 15 Minutes of delivery.

All Online refund is verified and credited directly through the mode from which you have made the payment transaction. Once verified and processed by GulfSweets.Com, refund takes 15-20 working days to reflect in your account.

Change in order is acceptable case-to-case depending on the ordered item and vendor Terms & Conditions, subject to intimation within 15 minutes of placing order.

GulfSweets.Com is the Market-Place for Cakes & Sweets Vendors, to offer their variety of their products using GulfSweets.Com website / App service. Since the products offered are edible, most of the products are made-to-order and few from off-the-shelf ready to deliver and every product has its own expiry dates. The Vendor may contact you if there is any slight change-In-order in terms of design , shape  from the picture shown. Occasionally, substitution of such order is necessary due to temporary unavailability issues. However the Vendor  will ensure to deliver the product as close as possible to the description/photograph shown and will only substitute products of equal or better with  higher value for which the customer has to pay the difference.

If the products are not available in stock then the Vendor will contact /mail you an option of an alternate product. If you receive any update from vendor, then you must reply or contact the Vendor directly within 15 minutes. If the Vendor does not get reply from you, then the Vendor has right to hold the order untill further confirmation from yur end or proceed with sending you the alternate products.

If you have placed  order for regular products which are delivered on the same day-time, then the Vendor process the order for delivery once the payment transaction is confirmed. Since same day orders are processed immediately, and usually the order cannot be modified/cancelled.  However, in case you want to modify/cancel an order, you have to  call the support line 22270699 / 69399526 within 15 minutes of placing the order. If the order has not been prepared or is not out for delivery, Vendor will try to modify/cancel the order, if you request for change in order before 15 minutes. If the order has already been prepared/dispatched, it cannot be cancelled/modified and you will be charged for the order.

Once you place the order and  your payment transaction  is confirmed, you will receive the Order / Transaction Receipt  to your registered Email.  If you have not received the Order / Transaction Receipt, then the reason could be your contact details are not correct OR your device internet connectivity issue. You will have to check and update your contact details in the GulfSweets.com registration. GulfSweets.Com supports multiple order for multiple vendors in       One-Step-Checkout and by Single-Payment Method, in this case you will receive multiple delivery from multiple Sellers.

You may call HOTLINE 22270699 / 69399526 within 15 minutes of placing the order if you have not received the email confirmation of your order.

You may not be able to find the same product in the Vendors list as Gulfsweets.Com reserves the right, at any time, to inform the Vendors to modify, suspend, or discontinue the sale of any product or services without notice and the Vendor will remove the products from the website, App.

The same applies to the Vendors for their product list, they have the right, at any time to modify, suspend, or discontinue the sale of any product or services with or without notice and the Vendor will remove the products from the website / App.

The delivery of the order you place is subject to availability of stock from the Vendor. The Vendor has the right to reject your order due to unavailability of the product or unavoidable reason, hence you are requested to check for the order confirmation from the Vendor after placing your order. if you do not receive order confirmation email then call HOTLINE 22270699 / 69399526 , email us [email protected]

The  products which are listed on GulfSweets.Com website / App  are provided and uploaded as per  Vendor list and the product descriptions, prices, size, color , shape, recipe  are subject to change from time to time based on Vendor's product list, GulfSweets.Com does not hold responsibility for any change in product descriptions, prices, size, color , shape, recipe etc.

The order selected by the user/consumer, if it has an incorrect price or incorrect description or incorrect size and color  due to mistake by Vendor, GulfSweets.Com shall have the right to accept the order (OR) to decline the order (OR) to cancel such order, even though you have placed the order and the same has been confirmed and/or you have been charged for the order. In case of Cancel and If you have been charged for the order, then  GulfSweets.Com will refund the amount with 15-20 working days from the date of your transaction. In order to get refund, you must contact GulfSweets.Com for the same with 15 Minutes of placing order.

Once you choose to use the service of GulfSweets.Com, it means you have read and agreed our Terms & Conditions. Based on your selection of Vendor and their product, your order is processed and forwarded to your selected Vendor. GulfSweets.Com will send you the confirmation/transaction details, Order Receipt to you through Email, however  Vendor does not signify the acceptance of your order, nor does it constitute confirmation from the Vendor to sell. Vendor reserve the right at any time, after receiving your order, to accept or decline or cancel your order (in whole or in part) for any unavoidable reason whatsoever. Vendor may require additional verifications or information before accepting any order. In the event of placing your order, you will be required to accurately provide your delivery address with name, contact telephone numbers and delivery date & delivery time.  You agree that, if GulfSweets.Com cancels all or a part of your order,  then  GulfSweets.Com will issue a Credit Note OR  Refund to your  bank account in the amount charged for the cancelled portion, refund is done only if  your account card has already been charged for the order and will be done with 15-20 working days from the date of your order cancellation.

 Once registered you are agree to Terms & Conditions of GulfSweets.Com and use the service to browse various vendors product list and place order online. You can also share the choice of your products to anyone by social networking in accordance with GulfSweets.Com Terms & Condition.

Registeration validity is as per Terms & Conditions of GulfSweets.Com which may be amended as and when required, accordingly the registeration validity may change. As on date there isw no expiry of the registeration, however GulfSweets.Com has the rights to suspend the user/consumer account if the same is found to misuse the service of GulFsweets.com