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  1. Arabic Coffee Dallah
    KD 8.000
  2. Arabic Coffee Combo
    KD 9.000
  3. Arabic Coffee Thermos with 1Kg Baklawa
    KD 20.500
  4. Arabic Coffee Thermos with 1Kg Kunafah
    KD 13.900
  5. Borma Pistachio -1Kg
    KD 13.000
About Zalatimo Sweets

Our Mission

To create and sell high quality gourmet products offering value for money with excellent customer service. Each of our tasty creations are produced consistently while keeping in focus the original, fresh hand-made taste that Zalatimo Sweets Company is known for and has offered for over 150 years.
Our Story

As a small pastry shop in Jerusalem, Zalatimo Sweets Company came to this world. Our journey started over a century ago, namely in Palestine in 1860. It all began with the “Mutabak” – a popular Arabian pastry. Mohammad Zalatimo had decided then to set up a small pastry shop in the old city of Jerusalem. The operation was kept on a small scale where Mutabak was offered as a take-away product for breakfast, in addition to a few specialty sweets that he made daily. Year after year, this one-man show proved to be very successful; he rented an adjacent shop and offered a seating area for the customers to enjoy his freshly made sweets.
Our Evolution

Zalatimo Sweets Company established itself in Amman, Jordan in 1986 and has since, been expanding both locally and regionally. Currently, there are twelve retail outlets in Jordan, in addition to a branch in Kuwait.
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